About Envoy

Envoy was founded to make it easier for customer service teams to get started with tools like Zendesk and Salesforce. While these products offer a great foundation, your team needs unique customizations that tailor the platform to your brand, team, and workflows.


Who is Envoy?


Laura is the founder of Envoy. She started working at Salesforce in 2003 and moved to Zendesk in 2011. For over a decade, she’s been working to help companies, big and small, build and tailor Salesforce and Zendesk for their business. She founded Envoy to help bring the best in customer service design and practices to her clients.


Katie is the program management director. She has spent almost a decade leading a variety of SaaS implementations and client partnerships at ServiceSource. Any complex implementation requires someone with the ability to bring together technical and non-technical teams and a certain resilience to handle curve balls—skills that define Katie’s project leadership.

michael ragsdale

Michael is the Director of Operations at Envoy. He has worked as an engineer and consultant for more than 5 years designing and implementing new processes. With background in process design, quality control, software development and management, he is a valuable asset to any implementation team.

amy kirschbaum

Amy is the lead designer. Mixing beautiful design and business function, Amy has spent the past 15 years creating effective user experiences across multiple communication platforms. Wherever your customers may reach out to you—your website, support portal, or social channel, she works to ensure an seamless, on-brand experience for your customers.


Jon Bolden is Envoy's lead web designer and front end developer living in Austin, TX. With ten years of experience, he's honed a passion for combining a strong design background with a practical and strategic approach to efficient programming. He enjoys collaboration, creative solutions, problem solving, and innovating existing technologies.

John Ginsberg

John is Envoy's technical mastermind.  He is a passionate developer and entrepreneur with 15+ years of hands-on coding experience. He has worked on a variety of projects, including developing large-scale websites, an email marketing platform delivering millions of emails per day, and social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.